Thursday, April 30, 2015

How To Get Free Silver And Gold Coins From Me While You Help Find Cures For Diseases

Welcome to my new blog, this blog will be used to support my YouTube channel. If you want the short version of what this blog and the connected social media sites are about just continue reading the next few paragraphs then skip to the bottom and join my world community grid team.

Basically I'm trying to get people to run world community grid on their computers. This a is a distributed computing program that lets you use your home PC as a disease research tool. Once you download the software a small piece of data will be sent to your computer and you cpu or gpu will begin to analyze it. Your computer is now doing number crunching the same way super computers do, but you are donating your computer time for free so the research community doesn't have to pay millions of dollars to big data to understand the molecular structure of diseases or the genetic makeup of the living organisms they want to study.

In addition to helping push forward scientific research that could help find a cure for many diseases and make life on this planet better for the people living on it you can participate in giveaways on this blog. I will be giving away silver and gold coins to you. There will be silver coins like 1946-1964 Roosevelt dimes, mercury and barber silver dimes, silver quarters and silver war nickles. There will also be buffalo nickles, wheat pennies and Indian head pennies in the giveaways. As far as gold coins go I will mostly use 1/10 ounce gold eagles. I will also use a grab bag of foreign coins to use for comment contests on various YouTube videos I make. To be eligible for the comment contest prizes you just need to have a YouTube channel. To get the bigger prizes that will be up to 50 coins rolled up you must have your own videos uploaded on your YouTube channel. You can narrate you own videos or show your face but you must at least be using your own voice on your videos.

I will explain how all this works in each new video I make but if you want to guarantee that you will get in on one of my early giveaways you should go ahead and download the world community grid software and join my team.

Download and run the program through this link

You will need to join my team through this second link. I only look at work you have finished while you are a member of my team. After you download the software click on this link and click the join team button.

How do you get prizes and giveaways from me? Just be on my world community grid team and be actively running the program. Have a youtube channel with your own videos on it.